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Za ohranitev tega spletnega mesta, ter, domene, sprejemam vaše donacije. Plačilo je preko PayPal-a. Kliknite na gumbek spodaj. Hvala vam :)


2. 02. 2018  Nove fotografije na straneh od Maket. Naredil veliko novih realističnih all-focus slik. izgledajo res odlično, vredno ogleda :)
22. 01. 2018  Dodal sem en kup slik od izdelave nove postaje pri straneh ZELEZNICA MAKETE. Okoli 170 slik in opisov, torej prijetno branje
6. 10. 2017  Na žalost nekih novih velikih stvari na mojih spletnih straneh niti ni. V zadnjem času delam veliko na vlakih tako da to se konstantno posodablja ostalo nisem šlatal že par let :)

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Besides my selling listings on local Slovenian selling site ( and Ebay, I also sell locomotives, cars, electronic and other spare parts, here, on my own web page. Please check pictures closely, click on them, so you get bigger ones, check prices, description text, and if you want any of those parts, locos or cars please contact me on my E-Mail:, tell me what you are interested in, what quantity and then I will send you invoice over PayPal so you can pay. Payment is also possible over bank transfer inside EU.
I ship WORLDWIDE. After cleared payment has been done I will ship your merchandise in 2 working days.
 I ship as registered international priority mail only so you can get tracking number and I do COMBINE shipments. I am honest person, so don't  worry, you will get everything you order and payed for. Many times I even give some more parts as you ordered, as gift :)
Buyers outside EU: Import duties, taxes and other charges are not included in the item price. These costs are the buyer's responsibility. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying. Please note: international shipping can take
up to 30 working days to arrive.
Happy looking :-) and please if you want to buy outside of Ebay contact me on my E-Mail directly:
H0 SCALE (1:87) N SCALE (1:160) TT SCALE (1:120) NO SCALE
3D printed details
High speed train sets
Spare parts
Spare parts - Steam ERA
Wagons, Coaches
Locomotives (high speed)
Coaches (high speed)
Spare parts
Rolling stock
- Track sross 45 degree

Here I offer BRAND NEW cross section made by Mehano. It is 45 degree crossing and is code 100 so it is compatible with most manufacturers of H0 Code 100 tracks. This is insulfrog crossing. Please check picture closely as it is considered as part of this description.
Price List:

1 pcs = 2€ + 8€ P&P
3 pcs = 5€ + 10€ P&P
5 pcs = 9€ + 12€ P&P
10 pcs = 17€ + 14€ P&P
20 pcs = 34€ + 19€ P&P

Manufacturer: Mehano
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Martins     15. 05. 2018     purchase of spare parts  
Excellent salesman. Good communication. Thank you very much for the extra replacement parts. I'll come back to buy...
Bogdan     27. 12. 2017     Wheels RP-25  
Hi, I only have AC wheels for selling. I do not have any DC wheels. Please write me on my E-Mail and we will talk there much, much quicker. My E-Mail is: Kindest regards Bogdan
Volodymyr     27. 12. 2017     Wheels RP-25  
Hi Bogdan.I want to buy wheels RP 25 from Mehano.My twelve American wagons are wanting for information.thank you.
Knucle couplers     22. 09. 2017     Slawomir  
Many thanks Bogdan for full explanation
Bogdan     22. 09. 2017     Answer to Slawomir  
Hi, I do not sell KNUCLE COUPLERS from Mehano, I sell UNIVERSAL couplers that fits both horn hook couplers and knucle couplers. I use those universal everywhere and yes they fit to Mehano cars. Only thing is to use small whole reductor which reduces big hole to small one, since Mehano latelly use those small hole couplers. If you buy those universal couplers I will send you those hole reductors too. Regards Bogdan
Slawomir     22. 09. 2017     Mehano KNUCLE COUPLERS  
Hi Bogdan, my question is if your Mehano KNUCLE COUPLERS fitted with Mehano US freight cars, Im using horn hooks attached but prefer to change KNUCLE COUPLERS, let me know if will be ok, thanks and regards slawomir
Oliver Tržok     14. 05. 2015     Details for steam locos  
Hi Bogdan, this is Oliver from Zagreb. Detail for steam locos no. 1 is light for Vanderbilt tenders (Mountains, 2-10-2s, Hudsons)- I think the older version had this type of light, then they omitted it and just made a simple hole representing backup light in the body of tender. Detail for steamers no. 2 is brake cylinder, also for Vanderbilt tenders, goes on the underside of tender between the trucks. Nadam se da se vidimo u Ljubljani u subotu - ako dolaziš, molim te ponesi nešto ovih detalja (detail for steam locos No.1, ladder no.1(to je isto za Vanderbilte), ladder for steam tenders (ovo je ja mislim za onaj drugi tip 6-osnog tendera), universal coupler box/lid 100 pcs set, windshield wipers) Lep pozdrav!
Mark     12. 11. 2014     Great trains, A+++++  
Hi folks, Here is great E-seller, I recommend him highly, because he is relatively fer priced, honest, cheap posting, ultra fast, he packages real great, no damage for my two train sets, and detailing he does, well, that is beyond my wildest dreams. Great job Bogdan, keep doing it, I will buy again from you for sure :) Regards

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